Everyone needs an Alyse in their lives

Alyse is kind, warm, caring, relatable, and funny.  Most importantly, she is non-judgmental, trust-worthy, and makes you feel 100% comfortable.  Alyse is realistic and genuine; she gives practical advice that will actually help you and make you more productive; she never just tells you what you want to hear.  I love that I leave every session with an action plan, and Alyse always follows up with whatever it is we left off with during our previous meeting.  “Everyone needs an Alyse in their lives.”


Thank You Alyse

I want to thank you Alyse, I would not have the life I have if not for you.


I feel so much better

I have been seeing Alyse for years. She is extremely warm and empathetic. Her humor is very refreshing. After every encounter, I feel so much better about the challenges I have to face. Do not hesitate to make an appointment! Alyse makes herself available when ever I need a recharge! I love her positivity!

Jennifer B.

Everything I wanted in a therapist

I started seeing Alyse over 3 years ago. She is everything I wanted in a therapist: smart, warm, kind, understanding, and funny. She has helped me improve my life and taught me the skills to cope with problems big and small. I look forward to our sessions together and that good feeling I have when I’m leaving her office. I always leave feeling better and with a better perspective on how to tackle my problems. Her practical advice has helped me change how I think and feel everyday. I’m so happy she’s the person with whom I get to work on myself.

Stephanie T.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your warmth and sincerity means more than you can know…You made me feel safe to uncover what was holding me back and you made me feel safe enough to face it, deal with it and move on. And I am better for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


The person that I could be but never imagined I would become

You have shown me the person that I could be but never imagined I would become. For that I am forever grateful.


A journey to self discovery

I look forward to our weekly meetings as I would going to see a close friend…your guidance has led me on a journey to self discovery that I continue…


Such compassion and support

I have never received such compassion and support… you have seen me through my struggles and have helped me to improve my level of functioning and as a result I have been able to improve my relationships, my job performance and so many other areas of my life. Words cannot express the deep gratitude that I feel…


I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back…

I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back…


no one I trust more then her

I have worked with Alyse for over ten years and there is honestly no one I trust more then her. The moment you meet her you are instantly put at ease by her warm and caring personality.  (She also happens to be very funny) She is kind and gentle. Alyse works with you on what YOUR Goals are. If you are ready to put hard work in Alyse will assist you in getting your life back in control. She has seen me in my most darkest hours and she has never judged me. Just the opposite, I felt validated and encouraged.  She is seriously so practical!  Life is really hard, everyone needs someone to talk to that can be objective.  Let that someone be Alyse. You won’t be disappointed.

Ava H.

Alyse is on your side

Life can sometimes be overwhelming – things coming at you from all directions. In times like these, you will need objective help to get yourself pointed in the right direction. Alyse is on your side. She is also caring, witty and has unbelievable recall when it comes to your individual needs, concerns and challenges. If you are looking for answers, see Alyse. She will help you find them.

Dave C.

the best thing I’ve ever done for myself

I have been seeing Alyse for three years now and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. She creates a safe space for you to say anything and work through any problem. So many times I’m completely overwhelmed and anxious about various issues and then I see Alyse who has the ability to pick apart my issues and break it down into smaller steps. She gives the most practical advice while being the warmest person I know. She is extremely understanding and never judgmental. Alyse has helped me more than words can describe.

Ana N.

My life can be divided between pre-Alyse and post-Alyse

My life can be divided between pre-Alyse and post-Alyse.  She has really helped me in so many ways.  I spoke to a few other therapists before finding her. She’s the best!  Alyse is extremely easy to talk to and I always leave her office better than I came in.  She’s a vital part of my life and I couldn’t recommend her more!

Mia F.